More than once, we have heard Nigerians express their dissatisfaction concerning governance in the country. This leads us to question what people would do differently if they are given the oppurtunity to become the President of Nigeria? Will you build more schools or fix the country’s long-lasting problems with electricity? We decided to take matters into our own hands.

On this episode of The Safe Space, we reached out to a bunch of people on what they would do differently if they had the power to create change. Here’s what they had to say.

“At least one” – Rick, Abuja

I’ll always show up whenever there’s a need to engage with the citizens who I serve. Also, I will sort out at least one major problem, preferably electricity. Efforts will be made to tackle the many problems but I’ll make sure I completely solve at least one.

“N100,000,000,000” – Dora, Kogi

I would build a really big hospital – a structure that could take up the space of three large hotels. A hospital for just women and children. Also at the end of my tenure, i’ll set aside N100,000,000,000 for my retirement. As per, help everyone and help myself. Only joking lol

“Scrap NYSC” – Chibuzo, Enugu

Hmmm, I would raise the educational requirement for entry into our police force. I would also scrap NYSC and use the funds to mentor youths on a one year entrepreneurship program.

“Senate House” – Martins, Lagos

First of all, i’ll be a reliable president. Corruption will be totally knocked down and i’ll start with the senate house. There has to be accountability. I will actually spend the country’s funds on developing the country. Then, I will work on the educational system. This country still has hope to thrive, if focus is placed on education and agriculture.

“Loads of Policies” – Donald, Lagos

If I was president, I’ll create loads of policies that I think are important. Imagine the Federal Government owning a cement company and having a policy that allows local governments access free or subsidised cement for road constructions.

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