419 scammers will never get us! I repeat 419 scammers will never get us! If you have been living under a rock and do not know what 419 is, it is basically an advance fee scam. 419, is a type of scam where the victim is convinced to transfer an amount money to a stranger. The victim may be led to expect that a much larger sum of money will be returned to him or her. We all have that one time experience where we almost got duped by 419 criminals. Infact, some people have experienced this more than once.

On this episode of The Safe Space, we got stories from people who have more or less experinced 419 scams. Here’s what they shared with us.

“Dollar Notes” – Ebere, Abuja

After all the 419 stories I had heard, I got a pepper spray and took it with me everywhere. On my way to work, I got into a cab and there was already a passenger in the front seat. At some point, this passenger brought out dollar notes and complained he didn’t have any naira notes. I became a bit weary and decided to get off. He blocked me and said I shouldn’t move. I quickly brought out my spray and used it on him. Swiftly got out and ran away. They zoomed off immediately. Please protect yourselves guys.

“Till Today” – George, UK

I had been in contact with a “business man” in Lagos for a couple of months. He had proposed a business deal with his company that was supposed to be worth millions. However, I had to be back to Nigeria to sign the documents. I spoke to a friend of mine about it before purchasing travel tickets and he asked him to do some research on the company. Turns out he knew the CEO of that company and no such deal was known to them. When I tried confronting my “business partner”, he caught off all communication. Till today.

“Zoomed Off” – Abel, Lagos

I was at the bank and someone called out my name. Although I didn’t know him, we greeted with familiarity. He asked that give him a ride to his place and i kindly agreed. He insisted I come in for water which I did (don’t know why i did that) but set my alarm for 15 minutes. After a while, a guy came rushing in asking me to beg the man. He claimed that the man paid for his haulage only to discover the goods in the bag were dollar bills. At this point, my alarm went off. I excused myself pretending It was a phone call. I got into my car and zoomed off.

“From The Presidency” – Winston, Lagos

A man came into my office with a fake ID claiming he was from the presidency. This man stated he was there to arrest me because of an interview I had done. He claimed that I disclosed things I wasn’t supposed to in the interview. He even went as far as showing me an article which looked doctored. So, I told him to wait for me to bring my copy of all the articles we had. I stepped out and the next thing I know, he was running away.

“Implicate Them” – Adaobi, Abuja

I was on my way to work and I got into an ‘along’ vehicle. They started talking about some alleged money in the car boot. At this point, I knew I should have just come out but I wanted to get closer to my stop. When we got to my stop they refused to let me out, claiming I had heard everything they said and could implicate them. They drove off to a place I still don’t remember, made me give them my ATM and pin. They withdrew all my money. I stopped getting in along cabs after that.

Do you have any 419 stories you would like to share? Let us know in the comment section below.

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